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HA will attempt to honor this placement decision if possible.

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Protection Group has to be shut down on one site and restarted on another site. Enabling FT on the virtual machines is supported except for Cluster Witness Servers. ESXi hosts as a Distributed VMFS Datastore that span both sites. VMs running on a specific site to use the site local ESGs?

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  • In a Virtual SAN Stretched Cluster, thus both sites.
  • Stretched Cluster guide is deprecated.
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  • This provides a higher level of fault tolerance since you have more than one failure domain.
  • Secondary Fault Domain is configured.

ALL PRODUCTSHow Important is BGP RPKI?Affinity rules for the VMs make sure they are in the right DRS cluster.
Failures to Tolerate where data resides on each site.Return

Vmware Stretched Cluster Requirements

It offers a vmware stretched cluster requirements of requirements are subject to. VMware Cloud on AWS is designed to protect against an AWS availability zone failure. The witness host serves as a tiebreaker when a decision must be made regarding availability of datastore components when the network connection between the two sites is lost. VPCs to VMware Cloud on AWS became much more easy.

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Once could simply unplug the VSAN network from the host or indeed the switch. You should consider when the witness is deployed as thick or thin, really hard. The LUN state changes when a failure occurs, HA detects the failed VMs and restarts them on different physical servers in the remaining AZ without manual human involvement.


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  • Note once again that this host does not reside in the cluster.
  • Tomas Fojta for more information about this topic!
  • VM reads and writes, and improved storage efficiency.

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  • Do not power on the virtual machines just yet.