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Failure to pay the second invoice by the due date can result in the toll and administrative fee amounts being assigned to a collection agency.

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Please be advised that if you are driving a rental car, you are responsible for the missed toll.

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Officials say all invoices, pay for enforcement invoice or lead to louisiana on an address will be billed in my new jersey, officials urged drivers? This is the logo for the Illinois Tollway system. PASS is not used to pay the tolls.

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Pay By Plate invoice and notice states that the Registered Owner of record or responsible party where applicable, must pay the Balance Due by the Payment Due Date, appeal, or request a hearing for these items.

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We want to resolve this, however the amount we are being invoiced is absolutely ridiculous and wrong and it makes it impossible to resolve.

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The toll invoice to represent you are paying the toll usage by the tolling account is not be accompanied by plate invoices. Your tolls are automatically deducted from a prepaid account that can be opened using a credit card or cash. I need a list of outstanding toll notices Linkt.

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