The Flow @ East Coast

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The Flow @ East Coast

The Flow@East Coast- Freehold

Prominently located along bustling East Coast Road, The Flow, with its unique external

facade, offers a shopping experience through its mezzanine style concept shops and

restaurants, setting the new benchmark for a unique shopping experience in the east.

With close proximity to East Coast Park, the architectural design of The Flow takes inspiration from the

fluidity of the ocean and sea breezes.Through the uniquely design glass facade with coloured fins,

provides every unit with good external visibility and excellent frontage during day and night

Consists of 4 main levels and one basement

level, offering a vibrant mix of 56 units comprising

retail, food & beverage, clinic and a food court.

Each unit with their attached private toilet,

allowing shop-owners for a multitude of varying

internal configurations.


Rooms Type Total Size
Basement 2 shops/ 1 fd ct / 1 restaurant 501-2920sqft
1st & 2nd 2 shops/4 restaurants 842-1429sqft
3rd &4th 17 shops / 1 restaurant 656-1937sqft
5th & 6th 13shops/4 restaurants 671-1441sqft
7th 11 clinics 363-1406sqft

Property Category: Commercial Estimated TOP: 2018
Property Name: The Flow @ East Coast Developer: Oxley Vibrant Pte Ltd
Address: 66 East Coast Rd Tenure/Status: Freehold
District No.: 15 Plot Size.: 23 431sqft
Unit Composition: 34 shops (Floor trap & Water tap-off provided)/ 10 Restaurants (Kitchen exhaust & town gas tap-off provided) / 1 FoodCourt / 11 Clinics Total Units: 56

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